Sunday, April 11, 2010

Feedback at Work and Other Places

Although we can feel nervous about feedback, we can also benefit from communication. We can find out how we are doing at work, at school, and with our friends and family. We are finishing our lessons about getting and giving feedback at work in performance reviews. Unless you have an unusual or very casual job in the U.S. you will have a review at your job.

Also, sometimes your boss will give you feedback from time to time about your work. Here is the video that we watched in class on Friday. You can listen again, and pay attention to the "indirect" criticism Joanna gets from her boss about how she dresses at work.

Read our class handout again. Study the new vocabulary. Read the dialog with a classmate.

  1. Watch this cartoon movie. 
  2. Then work with a classmate, and write a dialog. Your dialog can be two people at work, or two neighbors or friends. The dialog topic is "Feedback!" , and one person should give criticism to the other person. Use good grammar. Your dialog should be 6-10 sentences.
  1. Click on this link to make your movie
  2. We will go step by step in class to make one simple movie together so you know how to do it. 
  3. Then make a cartoon movie on your own with the dialog you have written with a classmate today. 

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