Sunday, April 18, 2010

Our Health

We will listen, read and learn about health insurance and healthy  brains this week. (You can see the cartoon dialogs from last week in last week's lesson. Also, since the cartoons all begin at the same time, you can turn down the sound on your computer or headphones. Then watch them one by one.)

Choose one question and write a comment after you do the lessons, part 1, 2, 3 and 4.  You can write at home if you don't have time in class. You will click on comment down the page to write:
  1. How do you stay healthy? (Don't get sick like me, home with the flu today!)
  2. What is your opinion about health insurance? Did you have good insurance in your home country? Do you have insurance here?
Part One: Listen to this discussion about health insurance. Take the quiz, too. This is an easy listening exercise!

Part Two: Click here to see a diagram of your brain and to hear how to pronounce different parts. A healthy brain will help you learn English, and live better. 

Part Three: Listen to this lesson about the brain and nervous system. 

Part Four: Take this quiz about the brain. There are ten questions. If you can get 7 or 8 correct, that is great. If you don't get 7 or 8 correct, you can watch the lesson from Part Three again. 

Click below to write your comment.
Check your grammar, vocabulary and spelling. 
Your substitute teacher, Anne Huntzinger, can help you.  


  1. Hi venette I hope you get better soon , thank you for making this lesson for us it was very useful,and easy to learn.I have never seen such a responsible teacher like you in my life . with so much thanks. farah

  2. Thanks for this lesson, Venette!

    At first we have to stay healthy to prevent such questions about health care and even forget about it - eat properly, do some physical and mention exercises, don't keep too much worries inside, feel yourself happy anywhere you go and smile making people and yourself positive! No business' smile but truth smile:)
    All that concern the insurance means money anyway - pay for insurance or for hospital with much difference between if you were insure or not! In my country (Kazakhstan) insurance means you are working at the solid company where company pays for you. But average citizen doesn't have any insurance and have no problem to visit his doctor which attempt him by city location! Doctors have no money for consultation and for coming your home!
    Because government pays them and they are happy seeing people are smiling the feeling you never buy for money...


  3. 1. I try to stay healthy been active, I try to cook with no salt or add extra salt to our food, I tray to stay away of to much candies, greasy food. How I said I try.

    2.I think that health insurance it's a very important thing to have, and I also think that the medical options here in SF are very good in general although some medical plans or health insurance are not OR their are expensive, for example, I have a dental health insurance and this one only cover dental cleaning! I mean I need and I have work to be done in my mouth BUT if I decide to do it I need to paid for it as if I don't have any insurance! isn't that unfair I mean we are already paying for it; If we want to be covered for the insurance plan we have to pay much more money.
    In my home country it's almost the same, you have access to medical help free but it is not that good, all business most have all their employees cover but the quality of it is very poor. In Mexico if you want a good medical insurance you need to pay for it, and it's not cheep.
    In my country it is cheaper to go with a private doctor any time you feel to go.
    Eva Castillo-Rodriguez.

  4. It is very important for me to stay healthy. When I was a child, I lived in mountains and I was never sick. The air was pure over there without pollution. Now as I am living in a city, I have to be more careful to stay healthy. First, I work out the most often as possible. Sport is essential : it is useful to eliminate what I ate, I drink or I breathed (like pollution).
    Then for me, it is very important to eat well. I mean that I have to eat vegetables, fruits, meat sometimes, and milk. I try to avoid eating fat and eating between meals. I avoid eating too sweet, like drinking sodas or eating too much cookies. I have to find a good dietary balance between pleasure and health.
    Next, I try to take medicine as less as possible, if only it is necessarily. I think medicine are more effective if we don't take them excessively.
    Finally, I think illness is sometimes bound with happiness. The moral health is connected with the physical health. So, if I hurt my harm or if I have a painful, I try to figure out the reasons : I try to find out if something wrong happened to me and try to resolve the problem by myself.
    All of us are different and we need to find out our own method to enjoy good health. This was mine.

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